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About JSL Covers

Mixers are left out in the elements on building sites, in gardens and in Tool Hire premises. If they aren’t covered they can get wet and dusty and this can sometimes prevent them from starting. This in turn means that work can be delayed as the engine/motor needs repair before work can be commenced.

With a history of employment in the Tool Hire Industry, we had often noticed that when our mixers were on hire there was no way of identifying who the mixer belonged to when it was left on site. This way of advertising would have been a valuable asset.

We thought about what needed to be covered and decided that the engine/motor was most important. Covers are often improvised out of old bags or pieces of waterproof fabric and rope.

We also thought about how a cover could be used to advertise an individual or a company while it was left outside.

This is when the lightbulb moment happened. A cover for a barrow mixer which was simple to use and could be branded by an individual or a company.

With some waterproof fabric and some very improvised sewing the prototype was born.

We took this idea to a design company and with help and support the process of developing his idea into a reality has happened.